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If you wish to learn more about my work, background and other things, here are some of the interviews I gave over the years.

Portable Pieces of Thoughts

Pre-Columbian Americas are quite a terra incognita where the most of the people are concerned. Yes, we all heard about some Aztecs cutting people’s hearts out, or some Incas doing the same. But that’s about it… read more »

A Woman’s Wisdom

This continent has the most fascinating stories to tell, from imperial squabbles for a throne in the Mesoamerican lands to the democratic lawmaking and expansion in what we know today as North America… read more »

Author Alliance

I wish I could spend all my time buried deep in various historical accounts, contradictive or often prejudiced as they can be. It is such a pleasure to pore through the words of people dead centuries ago… read more »

A Woman’s Wisdom

Oh, I don’t plan my books, never. I used to try to do this, but now I know better. If I don’t let the characters develop on their own, the stories won’t be any good… read more »

All Kinds of Writing

But what is history if not fascinating stories of people and their lives, famous persons and those who were less so? To present history in this way seems like the best way to me… read more »

Written Words

My writing style is not a customary way of writing historical fiction. As I truly want to make a wide range of people discover the cultures I’m featuring in my novels, I write in a lighter style of action-adventures stories… read more »

Blair-Pacific Publishing

Different continents or times aside, people were always people, with their basic needs, urges and desires, whether in ancient Rome, Aztec Tenochtitlan or modern-day Ney York… read more »

Magpie Bridge

Oh, this is a tricky question. There are so many locations and time periods! If I’m allowed to pick a few, then, of course, I’ll be off to 13th-14th centuries Central and North Americas, to make sure I got my facts right… read more »

Murry Reviews and Interviews

I guess writing is a sort of an addictive drug… read more »

Aztec Elements

I hope these cultures, times and places will catch the wave and will became as ‘fashionable’ as the done-to-death Romans, Tudors or Regency aristocratic dance floors… read more »

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